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Mita P.

Dr. Martines along with his wonderful and awesome staff, have made me a whole new person… I can now exercise which made me lose a lot of unwanted LBS… My allergies is completely under control, I get very seldom asthma attacks, my hypertension is in control, my migraine is gone, my shoulder and back pain is gone, I can walk straight, I can kick, Zumba, hiphop, swim and yoga… Most importantly, I’m able to be keep up with my 5 boys and enormous group of friends…the stress at work and my day to day function finally is now a normal thing for me… no more struggles.

Recommended Chiropractor


“I have been so pleased with the disappearance of my allergies through chiropractic care. I have had allergy symptoms since childhood! Our whole family has been taken care of by Dr. Martines and all of our lives have been changed for the better.”

- Karen Hackett

“It`s critical as children grow to keep them on the path of health. Chiropractic has helped keep our children extremely healthy without the use of drugs, antibiotics, vaccines or over-the-counter medications.”

- Will Goulding

“Chiropractic helped me feel both physically and mentally better during my radiation treatments. I`m 70 years old and have been seeing a chiropractor since I was 5 years old. Chiropractic works!”

- Jerome Derus

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