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Our Chiropractic Services & Techniques

Dr. Martines utilizes Gonstead adjusting techniques and other Palmer techniques with a skilled pair of hands. He believes the process of regaining your health and vitality should be gentle and enjoyable. For over 24 years he has cared for newborn infants and patients who are nearly 100 years old with very gentle and effective techniques. He has been recognized and awarded by his own colleagues and awarded Chiropractor of the year in Santa Clara County four times. When first starting out in practice he specialized in sports injuries and spine rehabilitation. He continues to see many athletes while in family practice. Dr. Martines offers his patients quick and effective treatment without spending hours of time on machines or physical therapy.

Chiropractic Wellness Center

Innovative Ways to Empower Patients

In addition to Chiropractic care, the office provides support for each patient to quickly achieve their goals by providing excellent instruction and workshops on health and healing. Dr. Martines and his team give individual and group instruction on effective strategies to achieve optimal wellness. His motivational and inspiring workshops include topics like” Super Body and Super Moods with Super Foods,” “Stress Reduction,” “Stretching and Strengthening,” “How to Achieve Restorative Sleep,” “Increasing Your Energy %100,” and “Weight Loss.” He is a sought after as a public speaker and also provides these workshops for companies, organizations and schools like San Jose State, Santa Clara University, United Airlines, Whole Foods, and the Veterans Administration hospital.

Dr. Martines is dedicated to empowering and inspiring patients to take action on their health through self-care. This allows faster and long-lasting results with his treatment.

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