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Customer Reviews

I have absolutely enjoyed my experience at Chiropractic Wellness Center. I was having chronic sciatic nerve pain that was limiting my ability to do really basic things. I began seeing Dr. Martines and within a few weeks I noticed substantial difference. Not only is the pain gone, but my posture has greatly improved which is helping me with other pain that I did not realize was actually manageable. I have seen many chiropractors over the year for scoliosis and various injuries, but this experience has been really different. I do not feel like they are just doing the same routine adjustments every time, Dr. Martines really targets trouble areas and helps to get symptom improvement both long and short term. The staff here is wonderful. TJ makes the office a really pleasant atmosphere to be in. I bring my 4 year old to appointments with me, and she is always welcome. The staff treat her and I like family, and my daughter genuinely looks forward to going to visit her "friends at the Chiropractor".One last note, I really appreciate the holistic approach that Dr. Martines takes to optimal health. He is a proponent of breastfeeding, and helps with craniosacral adjustments to help mothers who are having latch issues. He offers workshops for his clients about healthy eating and diet and exercise, all things he believes to be integral parts of your overall healing. I appreciate that he looks at the whole body as a system, and encourages you finding your optimal state.

Jay M.

I have been seeing Dr. Mike for a few weeks now and his approach is the gentlest I have had done. My lower back is a severely stubborn one that plagues me constantly. I was surprised when Dr. Mike was not only able to relieve a lot of the pain but in a way that made it last a lot longer than usual. He listens to me about what hurts and addresses it. He also sees my toddler after her dance and gymnastics classes. Even though she doesn't know him well she jumps up on that table happy to have him adjust her back. The great thing is he only adjusts what is needed instead of adjusting everything. This makes for a very happy child that is quick to get on her feet running around. I was a real skeptic about chiropractic care but thanks to this team of doctors at the Chiropractic Wellness Center I know the great worth of chiropractic care.

Brandy T.

I highly recommend to visit Campbell Wellness Center. They're very kind, professional and knowledgeable at they does. Miracle treatment!

Raman K.

Between mothering a small child, working full time, and maintaining an active lifestyle, something had to give-- and it was my back. Dr. Mike is a lifesaver. He is nice and listens carefully, then adjusts as needed. His adjustments leave me ready to face another day with comfort and ease and for that I can not thank him enough. For any chiropractic issue, I highly recommend this Center and Dr. Mike!

Amelia S., 06/03/2017

This place is AMAZING! I have had 2 back surgeries. I have been in pain since 1977, not any more! The care you receive is life changing!

Dr. R.

Love this place, been coming here for quite awhile now, every visits I feel great and welcome, Melonee is such a sweetheart and friendly, dr Michael is really awesome, very gentle, personal, and take his time, thank you so much dr Michael Dyer.

I had a great experience at this office. The office is really nice and parking is very accessible and right next to Starbucks! The front desk manager Melonee was really friendly. I've been seeing the Chiropractor, Dr Dyer, for chronic headaches and neck pain. I was put at ease after getting a thorough evaluation. Since getting the recommended care, my headaches are subsiding and I have less pain in my neck. My posture is also improving! The adjustments that I've been getting really tune up by body and make me feel great!

Vinny S.

Been coming here for a few weeks now, and the staff is always welcoming, and very accommodating if I have to reschedule. On one occasion, I even had my dog with me, and while he is trained, they allowed him in. I'm pain free, and the continued care will hopefully continue to keep my injury from reoccurring. Great place! Highly recommend it!

Omar B.

This place is nothing short of amazing! I have been bringing my 4 year old son here to treat his ear infections and fluid in his ears. This office feels like home and they always treat my family with the utmost respect. I have referred everyone I know and will continue to. When you find something this good you have to share it. Thank you to your entire team for helping my family.

Jason R.

I have seen a lot of benefit seeing a Chiropractor at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. It is the first time in years that I have full range of motion in my neck with no pinching! I would recommend this office highly!

Christine M.

I'm a Chef and stand on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. Unfortunately that constantly leaves my lower back very tight and sore. I was visiting my family in Northern California and desperately needed an adjustment. Dr. Michael treated me for years in Los Angeles and I was thrilled he was now in Los Gatos. He is extremely professional and listens to what your body needs. The Chiropractic Wellness Center is very lucky to have Dr. Dyer and I will make sure to be back every time I visit.

Tracy E.

Due to chronic neck pain and headaches, I recently decided to pay a visit to the Chiropractic Wellness Center. I was skeptical at first because I had never seen a chiropractor before and have always self treated my neck pain and headaches. Upon entering the office, I was warmly greeted by Melonee (the office manager) and pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere of the office. The natural light and open space made me feel more at ease as I waited to see Dr. Dyer. Dr. Dyer was very welcoming, and listened as I explained the problems I was having. It was very clear that he is experienced as he talked me through the adjustment. The adjustment that Dr. Dyer did was gentle yet effective, and I plan on revisiting for further adjustment in the future. The quality care I received from start to finish has been beyond anything I expected and I will be recommending Dr. Dyer and this office to others!

Roo M.

Love love love this office I just started seeing Dr. Dyer but he is very nice and my daughter is 2 and is super comfortable with him and that is very important as she is very intuitive.

Corine D.

I went to the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Los Gatos because I've had neck and upper back pain off and on for a long time from sitting in front of a computer. My posture is also hunched over as a result. I was very pleased with the service I received for my initial visit. The office manager Melonee was nice and professional. The office was very impressive and modern too. The Chiropractor, Dr Mike was also professional and very thorough in his evaluation. I can tell the adjustments are really helping with the pain in my back and neck. I used to take a lot of Tylenol but not anymore. The range of motion in my neck is also improving after getting a series of adjustments. My posture also seems to be better. Overall, the services are really great at this office!

Jason S.

I have a job where I stand on my feet all day so I've had back pain and neck pain for a while now. So my friend referred me to this office. The office is really nice and the office manager, Melonee, is very professional and very helpful. The Chiropractor "Dr Mike" has a lot of experience and was able to put me at ease. He explained everything step by step and really helped my neck and back pain with Chiropractic adjustments. The results were fantastic!! I would recommend this office to anyone that suffers from Neck Pain / Back pain etc.

Valeria N.

I stand on my feet all day at work and have had lower back problems. This chiropractic has helped my posture and has helped alleviate my lower back as well as strengthened my spine. The office is really nice and the staff is very friendly. I have also referred my friends and family to this office and they too are very happy with their results.

Lisa T.

Was by far amazing! I'm new to the area and couldn't have been any happier with the knowledge of the staff and their friendliness. They were able to answer my questions along with accommodate my bodies needs. I really can't say in words how well every member of the staff treats me and every other member I see going in. Thanks you Everyone!

Amber G.

I must say this is a great office! It is so open and bright when you walk in... nice and clean. The doctor and staff are warm and welcoming! There is a play area for kids which is really nice. The chiropractic care is phenomenal and they take their time in explaining what is going on with your body which is a definite plus. **side note- there is a Starbucks next door **

Mel R.

I've been seeing Dr Martinez and his staff for over a year now. He had done wonders on my spine!I've had much improvement overall and am able to do things without pain like before.I was developing severe osteoarthritis in my neck like my grandma and now it's soo much better. I won't end up with a big hump in my neck (like my grandma)He also has free chases on health enlightenment included with my therapy.I'm very lucky to have found a doctor and staff that truly cares!A Big Shout Out to Dr Martinez and staff , Nadine and TJ for caring about my well-being!!

Liz C.

I have been going to Dr. Martinez for ten years. I couldn't live a pain free life without him. I have been to numerous other Chiropractors and he is the best! I would recommend him to anyone that has back or neck problems. He has even fixed knee and foot issues I have had as well. I do Triathlons and Marathons and he keeps me moving at peak level.

Robert K.

I had terrible sciatica. It was affecting my job as a nurse and I had to stop playing tennis. I was living on Aspirin, Tylenol and Doans pills. Dr. Martines found that the sciatica was caused by a pinched nerve in my back. My skepticism was removed along with the chronic sciatica thru the excellent care I received here. I am 100%, I felt like a whole person again. I am so thankful!


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