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I highly recommend to visit Campbell Wellness Center. They're very kind, professional and knowledgeable at they does. Miracle treatment!

Raman K.

Jun 2017

Between mothering a small child, working full time, and maintaining an active lifestyle, something had to give-- and it was my back. Dr. Mike is a lifesaver. He is nice and listens carefully, then adjusts as needed. His adjustments leave me ready to face another day with comfort and ease and for that I can not thank him enough. For any chiropractic issue, I highly recommend this Center and Dr. Mike!

Amelia S.

Jun 2017

I have been seeing Dr. Mike for a few weeks now and his approach is the gentlest I have had done. My lower back is a severely stubborn one that plagues me constantly. I was surprised when Dr. Mike was not only able to relieve a lot of the pain but in a way that made it last a lot longer than usual. He listens to me about what hurts and addresses it. He also sees my toddler after her dance and gymnastics classes. Even though she doesn't know him well she jumps up on that table happy to have him adjust her back. The great thing is he only adjusts what is needed instead of adjusting everything. This makes for a very happy child that is quick to get on her feet running around. I was a real skeptic about chiropractic care but thanks to this team of doctors at the Chiropractic Wellness Center I know the great worth of chiropractic care.

Brandy T.

Jun 2017

This place is AMAZING! I have had 2 back surgeries. I have been in pain since 1977, not any more! The care you receive is life changing!

Dr. R.

Jun 2017

Love this place , been coming here for quite awhile now , every visits I feel great and welcome , Melonee is such a sweetheart and friendly, dr Michael  is really awesome , very gentle , personal , and take his time , thank you so much dr Michael Dyer .

Thi T.

May 2017

I had a great experience at this office. The office is really nice and parking is very accessible and right next to Starbucks! The front desk manager Melonee was really friendly. I've been seeing the Chiropractor, Dr Dyer, for chronic headaches and neck pain. I was put at ease after getting a thorough evaluation. Since getting the recommended care, my headaches are subsiding and I have less pain in my neck. My posture is also improving! The adjustments that I've been getting really tune up by body and make me feel great!

vinny s.

May 2017

Been coming here for a few weeks now, and the staff is always welcoming, and very accommodating if I have to reschedule. On one occasion, I even had my dog with me, and while he is trained, they allowed him in. I'm pain free, and the continued care will hopefully continue to keep my injury from reoccurring. Great place! Highly recommend it!

Omar B.

May 2017

This place is nothing short of amazing! I have been bringing my 4 year old son here to treat his ear infections and fluid in his ears. This office feels like home and they always treat my family with the utmost  respect. I have referred everyone I know and will continue to. When you find something this good you have to share it. Thank you to your entire team for helping my family.

Jason R.

May 2017

I have seen a lot of benefit seeing a Chiropractor at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. It is the first time in years that I have full range of motion in my neck with no pinching! I would recommend this office highly!

Christine M.

May 2017

I'm a Chef and stand on my feet for 10-12 hours a day. Unfortunately that constantly leaves my lower back very tight and sore. I was visiting my family in Northern California and desperately needed an adjustment. Dr. Michael treated me for years in Los Angeles and I was thrilled he was now in Los Gatos.  He is extremely professional and listens to what your body needs. The Chiropractic Wellness Center is very lucky to have Dr. Dyer and I will make sure to be back every time I visit.

Tracy E.

May 2017

Due to chronic neck pain and headaches, I recently decided to pay a visit to the Chiropractic Wellness Center. I was skeptical at first because I had never seen a chiropractor before and have always self treated my neck pain and headaches. Upon entering the office, I was warmly greeted by Melonee (the office manager) and pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere of the office. The natural light and open space made me feel more at ease as I waited to see Dr. Dyer. Dr. Dyer was very welcoming, and listened as I explained the problems I was having. It was very clear that he is experienced as he talked me through the adjustment. The adjustment that Dr. Dyer did was gentle yet effective, and I plan on revisiting for further adjustment in the future. The quality care I received from start to finish has been beyond anything I expected and I will be recommending Dr. Dyer and this office to others!

Roo M.

May 2017

Love love love this office I just started seeing Dr. Dyer but he is very nice and my daughter is 2 and is super comfortable with him and that is very important as she is very intuitive.

Corine D.

May 2017

I went to the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Los Gatos because I've had neck and upper back pain off and on for a long time from sitting in front of a computer. My posture is also hunched over as a result. I was very pleased with the service I received for my initial visit. The office manager Melonee was nice and professional.  The office was very impressive and modern too.  The Chiropractor, Dr Mike was also professional and very thorough in his evaluation. I can tell the adjustments are really helping with the pain in my back and neck.  I used to take a lot of Tylenol but not anymore.  The range of motion in my neck is also improving after getting a series of adjustments. My posture also seems to be better.  Overall, the services are really great at this office!

Jason S.

May 2017

I have a job where I stand on my feet all day so I've had back pain and  neck pain for a while now. So my friend referred me to this office. The office is really nice and the office manager,  Melonee, is very professional and very helpful. The Chiropractor "Dr Mike" has a lot of experience and was able to put me at ease. He explained everything step by step and really helped my neck and back pain with Chiropractic adjustments. The results were fantastic!! I would recommend this office to anyone that suffers from Neck Pain / Back pain etc.

Valeria N.

May 2017

I stand on my feet all day at work and have had lower back problems. This chiropractic has helped my posture and has helped alleviate my lower back as well as strengthened my spine. The office is really nice and the staff is very friendly. I have also referred my friends and family to this office and they too are very happy with their results.

Lisa T.

May 2017

Was by far amazing! I'm new to the area and couldn't have been any happier with the knowledge of the staff and their friendliness. They were able to answer my questions along with accommodate my bodies needs. I really can't say in words how well every member of the staff treats me and every other member I see going in. Thanks you Everyone!

Amber G.

May 2017

I must say this is a great office! It is so open and bright when you walk in... nice and clean. The doctor and staff are warm and welcoming! There is a play area for kids which is really nice. The chiropractic care is phenomenal and they take their time in explaining what is going on with your body which is a definite plus. **side note- there is a Starbucks next door  **

Mel R.

May 2017

I've been seeing Dr Martinez and his staff for over a year now. He had done wonders on my  spine!I've had much improvement overall and am able to do things without pain like before.I was developing severe osteoarthritis in my neck like my grandma and now it's soo much better. I won't end up with a big hump in my neck (like my grandma)He also has free chases on health enlightenment included with my therapy.I'm very lucky to have found a doctor and staff that truly cares!A Big Shout Out to Dr Martinez and staff , Nadine and TJ for caring about my well-being!!

Liz C.

Apr 2017

I have absolutely enjoyed my experience at Chiropractic Wellness Center. I was having chronic sciatic nerve pain that was limiting my ability to do really basic things. I began seeing Dr. Martines and within a few weeks I noticed substantial difference. Not only is the pain gone, but my posture has greatly improved which is helping me with other pain that I did not realize was actually manageable. I have seen many chiropractors over the year for scoliosis and various injuries, but this experience has been really different. I do not feel like they are just doing the same routine adjustments every time, Dr. Martines really targets trouble areas and helps to get symptom improvement both long and short term. The staff here is wonderful. TJ makes the office a really pleasant atmosphere to be in. I bring my 4 year old to appointments with me, and she is always welcome. The staff treat her and I like family, and my daughter genuinely looks forward to going to visit her "friends at the Chiropractor".One last note, I really appreciate the holistic approach that Dr. Martines takes to optimal health. He is a proponent of breastfeeding, and helps with craniosacral adjustments to help mothers who are having latch issues. He offers workshops for his clients about healthy eating and diet and exercise, all things he believes to be integral parts of your overall healing. I appreciate that he looks at the whole body as a system, and encourages you finding your optimal state.

Jay M.

Apr 2017

I have been going to Dr.  Martinez for ten years. I couldn't live a pain free life without him. I have been to numerous other Chiropractors and he is the best! I would recommend him to anyone that has back or neck problems. He has even fixed knee and foot issues I have had as well. I do Triathlons and Marathons and he keeps me moving at peak level.

Robert K.

Mar 2017

The staff and I mean everyone is VERY friendly and sweet!!!  You feel like part of a family!  My daughter had pain for MONTHS and with just a few months of treatment, her pain has been drastically reduced.  Dr. Martinez is extremely patients and calm.  I would recommend this clinic to anyone suffering any kind of pain and wanting people who truly care!!!

ann s.

Mar 2017

I have been going here since 2003 for treatment and maintenance. Not only is Dr. Martines profesional and friendly but so is his staff. I have also had the added benefit of not having a single head ache since being treated here. If anyone is seeking Chiropractic treatment, I would recommend trying here first.

Vittorio F.

Feb 2017

Chiropractic is a science of healing without drugs. I didn't believe it until I met Dr. Chris. Well it was Dr. Martniez who helped me to understand the problems and treatment procedure but Dr. Chris who really helped me to get back on my life.I came here with my elbow RSI caused by coding long hours on laptop. Before coming here I had tried many treatments including other chiropractors but nothing came even close to make me feel better. Dr. Martinez took X-rays and demonstrated problems with my overall alignment. Seeing is believing and X-rays convinced my logical mind to get it fixed. Dr. Chris is great, helped me almost everyday, understood my lifestyle and goals. Within few visits I started feeling better and after a month my lower back was better than ever. Upper back and neck is taking some time as the injury was result of several years and it is on the healing path. My elbow pain is reduced marginally - very less compared what I had when I started coming here. Most importantly I can lift weights, workout in gym, something that Dr. Chris encouraged to do and I couldn't be happier. Environment is really welcoming, everybody smiles, you feel the positivity in the air when you are there. Nadine, TJ are amazing, helps with everything. More importantly TJ remembers name of all your family members, that does make feel connected personally to this place.  Overall treatment process is very positive, I would recommend everyone to try out Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Rudy A.

Jan 2017

Dr. Martinez is not only a miracle worker but he's also a friend. My spine was bent it ways I thought only Halloween props could move but after being cared for after only 6 months I am almost completely back to normal and I feel normal too. Worth it!

Rebecca K.

Nov 2016

Everyone is super sweet there! They remember your names from day one and really treat you like family and make you feel welcomed! Dr.Martinez is great at what he does! Both my boyfriend and I go there and we can already feel a difference! One thing that really stood out to me that you don't see everyday is that they genuinely care. I had a friend pass away recently and talked about it the day after it happened! They were very caring and I got a surprise card in the mail two days later from them! Sometimes the little things like that make a huge impact! I appreciate everyone there! Dr.Martinez, Dr.Chris, Nadine, TJ, and even the new girl Gracie, Thank You!!!! We love you guys!!

Sarah H.

Sep 2016

15 years ago, when I was suffering from chronic headaches, I found Dr. Martinez and he helped me get back to optimal health. Last year after I birthed my son, I was in so much pain in my sacrum that I believed it to be cracked. In a few short weeks he had me feeling great again but also looked closely at my x-rays to see some long-term damage in other parts of my spine. I not only trust him to adjust my back weekly, but my husband and my baby (starting at 5 weeks old) also see him. My child rarely gets sick, doesn't have ear aches, is super happy and healthy. I believe much of it is because of his weekly adjustments, (which Dr. Martinez does for free since my husband and I are paying patients).He offers workshops for full-body wellness and is truly a caring and kind man. It is obvious that this practice is his calling and he does it to help people while at the same time demonstrating through action how to live a healthy, positive and balanced life. Dr. Martinez is a mentor and a teacher as well as a skilled Doctor.

Sydney L.

Sep 2016

I was in a serious car accident in October. I have gone from the hospital bed to a wheelchair to a walker and then to a cane. A couple of weeks ago I was able to kiss my cane goodbye ! Thank you so much Dr Martines.

Frieda L.

Apr 2016

I got referred by someone in the same building I work with just a block away from the Chiropractic Wellness center. I've never really gave any Chiropractor a chance to "heal" me but my back has been aching for years and come to find out, it was pretty bad and could be from sitting in front of a desk for so many years after I saw my X-ray results. I have been going for a couple of months and still have a few months left of adjustments, so far so good! Can't wait to continue and feeling better, especially the sleep. Thanks Dr. Martinez and team, they are all very welcoming!

Frank M.

Apr 2016

Great examination and diagnosis. Clearly laid out what he can help with and what he cannot. Good treatment. Combining Dr. martinez's adjustments with my physical therapy has really helped me keep my back pain and spasms at bay. I'm back to doing my normally activities (running, dancing, volleyball) without any pain and worry of recurrence.

Sath G.

Dec 2015

Doctor is professional, kind, and genuine. You can tell he cares about his patients and is happy doing what he does. The staff is amazing! Nadine and Amanda are sweet, loving, and caring. The energy is always up and contagious. I love coming here!

Angel B.

Nov 2015

I've had chiropractic care when I got in a car accident when I was 18, and the insurance paid for me to get adjusted for a few months. Unfortunately I never got my back and neck fully corrected. 7 years later I had a friend refer me to Dr. Martines. I had injured my lower back doing squats, and was seeking relief from my lower back pain. Within a week of adjustments I immediately noticed not only my pain was gone, but my old neck injuries from the old accident were improving dramatically as well. I have better range of motion, my back and neck don't click or pop like they used to when I would lift weights, and most impressive is that I've gotten a ton stronger in the gym. The staff is friendly and are great! Dr. Martines really cares and made me feel very comfortable getting adjusted.

Jonathan M.

Sep 2015

Dr. Martines and staff are awesome. Very knowledgeable and he helped with my bulging c5-c6 disc.

Sheldon P.

Jun 2015

Me and my husband have been coming here for the past couple months and our backs are showing improvement. Dr Martines and his whole staff are very friendly and professional. They always make you feel welcome every time you walk through the door. They are amazing people.

Christie M.

May 2015

After a few months of adjustments, my migraine headaches went away. I was also able to fully function after sustaining an auto accident, and everything is back to normal, thanks to Dr. Robert at Chiropractic Wellness Center!

Jonathan H.

May 2015

I came to Dr. Jeff with terrible neck pain that decreased my range of motion dramatically. I had already done extensive amounts of physical therapy and tried several different prescription medications, but my condition never improved. With Dr Jeff's care, my neck pain is history! I find I have so much more energy, I sleep better, and the migraines I once struggled with have not been an issue since I entered under his care. What really blows my mind, though, is that my seasonal allergies seem to have disappeared entirely! I later learned that nerve conduction issues in the neck area can be associated with upper respiratory conditions, such as hay fever. I once took daily allergy medications, decongestants, steroid nose sprays, and inhalers for my hay fever, but I'm off meds completely and SO thrilled about it.I have to admit, I was a skeptic of chiropractic care. I work for Kaiser, and I was raised and educated in the "medicate, operate" school of thought. While I still believe that serious medical conditions do require that approach, there is a lot to be gained from proper spinal alignment, and it may be the key to reducing the "medication cocktails" most Americans depend on daily.Dr. Jeff is compassionate, caring, and truly concerned for his patients' overall well-being. He's also such a hoot and so easy to talk to and relate to. Dr. Martines and the office staff are also so warm, positive, and an absolute pleasure to interact with, and I find I leave CWC with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. A+, 5 million bajillion stars!

Gigirose A.

Apr 2015

Dr.Martines and his staff are fabulous. They provide the best customer service and are extremely informative. I would recommend Dr.Martines and his amazing staff to everyone.  Give them a try. You will not regret it.

Armida S.

Mar 2015

We have been patients of Dr.  Martines for over a decade and he is the only one I trust with my adjustments.  When I  first came to Dr. Martines office my lower back was in a lot of pain and could not Bend or stand up straight without pain.  My back has been pain free  thanks to Dr. Martines.

Ana B.

Mar 2015

Before I was introduced to the Chiropractic Wellness Center, I was desperate for medical help. Despite eating well and exercising regularly, I was chronically sick and in unmanageable pain. None of my doctors had the patience to look at my health on the whole instead of individual symptoms.One afternoon, I randomly blacked out while driving - with a full night's sleep and no medical history of epilepsy. I took it as a sign that standard health care was not going to help me when I requested a doctor's note for a rushed MRI and found that the neurology lab had put me on an optimistic three-month waiting list because my most severe symptoms were not even noted. As far as they were concerned, I was only experiencing headaches and fatigue. One more apparent hypochondriac was exhausting to consider.I was shell-shocked at the convincing display of concern from my doctor, who had undoubtedly known how these wait lists work. This same person had walked me out in a hurry, urging me to get my MRI within the next couple of days.Fast forward to my first appointment at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. My x-rays revealed that I had pinched nerves along my spine from a bad fall over 10 years ago.The list of corresponding symptoms covered the spectrum of everything I was now experiencing on a daily basis: migraines, severe short-term memory loss, inability to focus, difficulty articulating, shooting pains in my arms & legs, chest pain, tonsillitis, general inexplicable irritability, head colds, bronchitis, nervous breakdowns, loss of hearing & smell, sensitivity to light & sound, sensitivity to temperature changes, lowered immune system, kidney problems, epilepsy, high blood pressure, insomnia, regular and overwhelming fatigue, and poor circulation.In one sitting, I got an answer to everything that had wreaked havoc on my emotional and physical health. I now know firsthand that back pain is not the first indicator of problems related to the spine.I've waited since July to gauge my health and feel compelled to give a thorough update. I no longer suffer from a *single one* of the symptoms mentioned above. If you're sick of chasing symptoms, do your research and find a good chiropractor. There are bad apples out there, as in any other field.I personally recommend Dr. Martines & Dr. Reichert at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. They are extremely knowledgeable, gentle, and effective in their care. The rest of the staff who coordinates at this center is of equal caliber, with an honesty and commitment to helping patients reach their full health potential that I haven't seen elsewhere. Good luck & good health!

Talina R.

Oct 2014

Okay, so I haven't had any treatments from Dr. Martines yet, but I had to write this review anyway. Years of competitive horse riding and water polo through college left my lower back in a wreck. I got out of my car wrong two years ago, and ever since then I've been dealing with severe sciatica. Several doctors told me ice and heat as well as ibuprofen would fix the problem. They never ran any tests to see the cause of this awful, awful pain. I researched sciatica causes on the internet and came across this wellness center. I figured it wouldn't hurt to give them a call and what do you know, I get to talk to the doctor himself! During my appointment, I was very pleased with the customer service, and also with the genuine concern and care these doctors showed me. They knew something was wrong and they actually ran X-rays and a nerve scan to figure it out. I was so happy that I might experience relief that I almost was in tears coming out of the office. I'm nervous to get my diagnosis, but I'm so grateful that I finally can get answers and treatment. These guys are awesome, and anyone with back or neck issues should give this place a shot.

Meri M.

Sep 2014

I began coming to Dr. Martines back in September 2013 due to injuries from a car accident in May of that year. He is professional, courteous, knowledgable and very helpful. Through consistent care I have gone from 3 visits a week to now one a week, and attend the workshops/seminars on a monthly basis. These seminars are intended. to give you tools to help you stay healthy as a whole person; body, mind, and soul. Dr. Martines has a Christian worldview, and may mention his beliefs that God designed our bodies to heal themselves naturally and that God wants us to be well, but that comes wirh the territory. (I attended SJSU for four years and constantly heard about how they were right and I was wrong --there's none of that here) After coming to this office for over a year I can see that it is his --and the entire staff's desire-- to see their patients luving happy, healthy and well. Thank you. SO much, Dr. Martines and the staff at Chiropractic Wellness! You have truly changed my life!

Marisa M.

Aug 2014

Dr. Robert is a miracle worker! My back is that of a 25 year old again, and no more daily doses of naproxen.

Frank L.

Jun 2014

I would recommend Dr. Martines and the staff at The Chiropractic Wellness Center to anyone. If you are taking multiple doses of ibuprofen a day like I was you should call and schedule an appointment.  I DO NOT take ibuprofen any more. Awesome. Thank God my good friend referred me.

Trevar S.

Apr 2014

mMy  husband and have been going to Dr Martines  for  several years. I  have  herniated  disks L4L5 S1, I had numbness  in my left leg for 15 years,  went  to  my primary Dr  and  pretty  much got told  don't do tbe things that trigger the pain of f,  like  standing or  signing for too  long, he recommended doing physical therapy(  which did help a little  ), I had an  injection on my spine  (  which also helped for a while ),  BUT  nothing helped as good and for as long time (  nearly 5 years  now  )  as tbe weekly adjustments I  get  from Dr Martines,  and  it is the time  when I  may miss 2 or 3  adjustments ,  due  to  travelling,  when I notice  the difference. Also  really  like  that  the  adjustment area  is  an open space where the waiting room is,  so  you can learn about current things  from  other patients and  it is very  time  efficient,   you can get adjusted and carryon  with your day feeling great.  thank you Dr Martines,  you  given me my  life ,  dancing,  back.

Maria D.

Mar 2014

Chiropractic care has never been something on my 'to-do list' because I always felt fine..or so i thought. Then I was in a horrible car accident and was advised to see a Chiropractor, very hesitant to go, but the friendly voices over the phone promised a very quick and efficient evaluation regarding my injuries from my car accident. I found the Chiropractic Wellness Center near my house, and once I went in for my first evaluation, I felt so welcome, and at ease. From the front desk staff to Dr Jeff Reichert's early morning jokes I knew this was the best place to be treated. The receptionists are ALWAYS extrmely friendly and helpful ( even at 7am when I had my appoinments, which means alot to me) and  after just a few weeks of treatment I started to notice a huge difference in how much better I was able to breathe. ( I am asthmatic, but felt I will always have slight trouble breathing) I also started to notice my posture changing for the better, as well as my anxiety levels seemed to be a lot lower and I just felt all around more energetic. Dr. Jeff Reichert has been by far the best at making this expierence easy going, and pleasent for me during a very hectic time in my life. I would hands down recommend visiting Dr. Jeff Reichert at the Campbell Chiropractic Wellness Center if you have been in any sort of accident, or have sleeping/anxiety/breathing/neck and or back issues because he can not only find ways to fix them, he  will also explain exactly how the process will take place each time you meet with him, so your body and mind will know what to expect. THANK YOU DR. JEFF!! :)

Remi C.

Feb 2014

My Diagnosis* L4, L5, S1 Disc Subluxation and DegenerationMy Symptoms* Constant lower back pain, shooting down right leg (sciatica)* Recurring neck pain, shooting down my right armBEFORE CHIROBefore I visited the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Campbell, I was living with constant lower back, leg, and neck pain for the majority of the past 3 years.I play several sports (football, basketball, soccer, anything) and try to exercise 4-5 times per week. During those 3 painful years, I dragged myself to the gym or field, and pushed through the pain during my workouts. I felt like I was getting weaker as the pain and discomfort were getting stronger.In late 2012, I decided to do what I'd never done before. Go see a doctor...My first choice was to see a Primary Care Physician with a background in Sports Medicine. After a 10-minute physical evaluation, he told me to stop doing what I loved---all sports, all weight training, and even jogging---for 2 months. Then, he referred me to a neurosurgeon after the ($1000) x-rays and MRI revealed L4, L5, S1 Lumbar Disc Subluxation and Degeneration. When I asked, he strongly discouraged Chiropractic care.So, I visited the neurosurgeon who reiterated what the Physician said about ending sports, and then he referred me to 15 weeks of Physical Therapy. To be fair, he said to try anything before surgery. When I asked, he strongly discouraged Chiropractic care.So, I attended 15 weeks ($1500) of Physical Therapy, and saw no improvements in my pain. To be fair, I did see improvement in strength and learned some new exercises, but the pain and discomfort remained the same. When I asked, they strongly discouraged Chiropractic care.So, I returned to the neurosurgeon who recommended an epidural injection to treat the pain. I fully understood that this would only mask the pain, and was not solving the root cause. But at this point, I just wanted the pain to stop! Again, he strongly discouraged Chiropractic care.So, I visited a Pain Specialist who reiterated that I needed to end sports, and then he administered the ($10,000) epidural injection a few weeks later. To be fair, I felt good for about 3 days, but the pain returned. I was frustrated to say the least. When I asked, he strongly discouraged Chiropractic care.So, I decided to visit an Acupuncturist once a week, for 4 weeks ($0).The acupuncture portion offered no pain relief, but she did provide targeted massage therapy (cupping therapy) that was effective for temporary pain relief. She also strongly encouraged Chiropractic care, nutritional improvements, and a few other "Eastern" medicines. Finally, a doctor that didn't want to drug me up or cut me open! But alas, the pain was still there...Feeling at the end of my spinal rope, I decided to visit the Chiropractic Wellness Center...and it was the best decision I made.AFTER CHIRODuring my first trip to the Chiropractic Wellness Center, I was skeptical but hoping for the best. Actually, I was just hoping I didn't get worse.When I arrived at the office (a welcoming Victorian cottage in downtown Campbell), Dr. Jeff Reichert gave me the initial evaluation ($47) which included a physical exam, x-rays, a nerve scan, and a small adjustment to show me how it felt. He also encouraged me to continue being active and playing sports (with caution). Woohoo!After my first adjustment, I immediately showed an improved range of motion in my neck. After a few weeks of adjustments, the pain shooting from my neck down my right arm was totally gone. After a few months of adjustments, the constant pain my lower leg subsided and started to centralize towards its root cause in my lower back. In the meantime, I returned to all 3 sports, am exercising 4-5 times per week, have more energy and stamina than I did before, and get better sleep because my leg stopped throbbing at night! Currently, I only feel the pain if I sit for extended period of time, or overextend during exercise. Dr. Jeff is great, but he's not a wizard...I only have a few months left of scheduled treatment, but I plan to continue Chiropractic Care for the rest of my life. It has significantly decreased my constant pain, increased my energy, and improved my sleep and overall mental health, while SAVING MONEY on costly medical bills that weren't treating the underlying problem.Chiropractic Care might not be for everyone, but it worked for me and I'd recommend Dr. Jeff and the Chiropractic Wellness Center to anyone who is looking.

Allen K.

Oct 2013

I've been going to Chiropractic Wellness Center for a few weeks now for and Dr. Jeff has been a pleasure.  This is my first experience with a chiroprator and not sure how it will all work, but I have noticed a difference.  My initial intent for going was for a lower back issue, but Dr. Jeff explained how adjustments can correct other areas that I may not have thought of.  Since my adjustments to my neck I would wake up all stuffy in the sinuses, but since going to Dr. Jeff, I wake up able to breath better and I notice I'm also standing with better posture.  Hug out Dr. J.....

Traci Z.

Jul 2013

Great place to get adjusted. Dr.Robert and staff have been treating me well for 16 years. I proudly claim Dr. Robert as a friend of mine.

Bob G.

Jun 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Martines for over 5 years now and have been very pleased with the care I receive from him.  I suffered from lots of migraines and lower back pain due to stress for years with no hope of recovery, except for prescription medications that did not help.  I decided to give chiropractor care a try.  This was the best thing I could have done!  Dr. Martines is extremely professional. He approaches his patients with a positive and caring attitude and makes you feel comfortable.  He also educates his patients by having workshops on topics that provide you with information on how to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.  His staff at the office are so friendly and happy and they always greet you by your first name.  Dr.  Jeff is also helping out and he is awesome as well!  I look forward to my weekly adjustments at the Wellness Center because this is where I want to go to feel great.  If you want to feel great, and in less pain, give Dr. Martines a call.

Linda P.

Apr 2013

I have been going to Dr martines  at the wellness center for years now.Because of my past working conditions as a carpenter my lower back and neck were starting to have pain more and more.sometimes it can be disabling.The weekly adjustments prevent problems and keep me pain free by keeping my spine aligned.When I do have a issue from some move that throws my neck or back out,I can make a appointment right away to get relief.The overall message there is how to stay healthy and have a better life.

Joe K.

Apr 2013

Dr Martines has always been their for me. His practice is about taking care of your entire body. He really does represent wellness in the community.

Kim B.

Apr 2013

It is important to have a Chiropractor with the understanding and experience that you find every time in this office. My children receive the best care every time he checks them. I have referred many, many people to him, and every one who has said anything to me after they go has only sung praises.

Landon T.

Apr 2013

Dr. martines has been nothing but professional and courteous to me throughout my time as his patient. I have seen vast improvements in my back pain and can honestly say I enjoy my time spent in the office and getting adjustments. Dr. martines is extremely good at what he does and is very personable! Get a consultation and see for yourself!

Matt W.

Apr 2013

When someone i meet needs to see a Chiropractor, or just needs to find out what Chiropractors really do, this is the one i refer them to.

Sherri T.

Jan 2013

Nothing but great things to say. The staff is professional and courteous beyond my expectations. Dr. is extremely thorough and quite the opposite of a used car sales man. I highly recommend this chiropractor and his facility. Great location too and plenty of parking.

samantha r.

Mar 2012

Chiropractic Wellness Center  Category: Chiropractors 6/24/2011My back problem was what I'd call "throwing my back out". After some insignificant movement I would feel a sudden seize in my spine like rubber bands stretching and breaking. Then I would be flat on my back taking flexeril and other prescriptions for a few days.  I was having episodes about 4 times a year and becoming despondent about it.I was desperate for a cure. I received a free evaluation through a special promotion. The x-rays showed the problem and Dr. Martinez outlined a plan for me.  I spent a year in Dr. Martinez care with intensive treatments 3 times a week to start, and then tapering off to once a week and finally I have chosen to go only as needed.  I believe I was cured because I have never had another incident with my back and it has been eight years.Dr. Martinez provided workshops on topics like stretching and weight loss and nutrition. I still do the stretches he taught me to this day and believe that they have helped me to keep from having my back seize up. I do remember not wanting to go to the work shops because they were in the evening. I think it would be better if he videotaped them and showed them on a TV in his office while you waited for your adjustments.One of the guys from my Kaiser back therapy class also tried Dr. Martinez but he did not like having to go 3 times a week and preferred a quicker fix so he opted for back surgery instead. I'm glad that I invested that year because my back has been fine since. I don't even worry about it any more.My husband recently went to Dr. Martinez for an evaluation so I looked him up on yelp and was shocked to see the reviews. I thought that's not right, this guy cured me. I have to share my story too. Also:They used to give us "Heart Cards" periodically which would entitle a friend to a free evaluation. If you can get your hands on one of these you won't have to pay the $300. If I remember correctly Kaiser even paid for part of my chiropractic bill.

Dori L.

Nov 2011

I've been seeing Dr. Robert Martines off and on as needed for about 15 years.  He is by far one of thee best Chiropractors that I know of.  He adjusts using his hands and not all of these squirrely machines.  When we moved away from the area and searched for another Chiropractor that could adjust as well as him, it was very tough to do.  In addition, Dr. Martines is a super caring Doctor.  I swear by this guy.  He is both gentle and effective.  He even adjusts my most precious people in my life, my children who are 2.5 and 4.5 years old. We were very close to taking our youngest daughter to get ear tubes because of reoccuring ear infections, but since she has been adjusted by Dr. Martines she has not had one ear infection!  So I am actually quite taken back by some of the bad reviews on here about him, they are obviously those who have not been adjusted by him.  THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL! Try him.

Shakira H.

Nov 2011

Doctor Martines has helped me get rid of my headaches and lower back pain.  I started going to Dr Martines when I became pregnant with my second child.  Getting adjusted throughout my whole pregnancy made the aches and pains of being pregnant so much more tolerable and the labor was much easier than with my first child because Dr. Matines did special adjustments to prepare me for labor.  I was hesitant to see a chiropractor at first but now I cannot imagine not going, I am overall much healthier and living a better more active life thanks to Doctor Martines.

Mary S.

Jun 2011

Dr. Martines is definitely the best chiropractor I have ever met, the adjustments are great and he offers other tips, suggestions, and recommendations to help you improve your health.He holds health seminars for his clients to learn about healthy lifestyles and choices, as well as provides care to returning military members who are injured at a reduced rate.I have always felt like Dr. Martines and his staff have cared about my health.  Every appointment I am greeted by kind smiling faces and Dr. Martines always take time with me personally.I Would recommend The Wellness Center to anyone who is experiencing medical problems of any kind, not just back or neck pain.I no longer see Dr. Martines but still believe him to be a great chiropractor.

Nicholas B.

Jul 2010

Dr, Martines is so AWESOME.. Without him I would be in so much pain. After coming to Dr. Martinez I am feeling like I'm A LIVE AGAIN.. He is so wonderful in what he does and the office system is so up to date in technologythat  I am in and out in less than 10 mins. I highly recommend anyone to come and have them self checked if they are feeling any pain.

Dora M.

Jun 2010


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