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Back Pain Chiropractor in Campbell, CA

Although back pain is often felt in the back muscles, recurrent and chronic back pain is most often a structural problem or an irritated nerve from the vertebra to the muscles. Supportive vertebrae in your back form a connection between the low back muscles, legs, hips, knees and feet to the brain via the spinal cord. The nerves that pass thru the low back also go to the digestive organs like the bowels, intestines as well as the bladder and reproductive organs. Often people experiencing pinched nerves in their back could also experience sciatica, leg or feet numbness, constipation or diarrhea, flatulence, PMS, abdominal cramping and bladder dysfunction. This is because interference of nerve transmission between the organs and the brain. At chiropractic Wellness Center, we accurately assess your back to find the underlying cause of the problem and provide corrective care, rather than just masking the pain with addictive pain medication.

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Robert Martines talking to patient

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

The human back is composed of muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks and many bones. Problems caused to any of these components can lead to discomfort in the patient’s back and affect proper brain functioning too. There can be many different reasons that could possibly lead to this problem:

  • Misalignment of the patient’s vertebra could lead to back pain. Subluxation is when the spinal vertebra moves out of position. This vertebral misalignment can have severe effects on the patient’s brain due to its connection with this important organ.
  • Strained muscles and ligaments can also lead to this problem. The muscle and nerve strain can be caused due to heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement.
  • Frequent exposure to different stressors can cause back pain for the patient.
  • Various health conditions such as obesity, anorexia, diabetes, urinary tract infections can lead to back pain as well. When you have a few extra pounds, there is more pressure on the back and this excessive strain leads to back troubles.

How Is Back Pain Diagnosed by the Chiropractor?

Nerve communications play a critical role in maintaining a healthy and balanced body. Contorted nerve communications can be a key cause behind back pain and many other kinds of pain. The patient may seek the help of a chiropractor if they are facing aches and soreness anywhere on their back and even the lower body in some cases. The treatment that the chiropractor decides for the patient is based on a method to ensure that the communications between the spine and the patient’s brain are restored.

Dr. Robert Martines at Chiropractic Wellness Center, based out of Campbell, CA, helps his patients with holistic healing.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Useful to Patients with Back Pain?

Chiropractic care is a leading method to assist people with back and neck pain and many other problems. It is one of the least invasive methods of treating a patient’s problems. The chiropractor provides assistance to the patient that cannot be provided by traditional doctors. The chiropractor understands the importance of a holistic approach and restores effective communication between the various body organs, so as to ensure proper functioning of the spine, the body, and the brain. The effects of traditional medication do not have permanent effects as compared to the benefits that chiropractic care has for the patients. With this minimally invasive treatment and their all-round care, the chiropractors help the patient’s body to function at its full potential, with each organ working in harmony.

If you are facing back problems then you should seek the services of a chiropractor. It is time to ditch traditional medicine and to rejuvenate your body with the efficient services provided by a qualified chiropractor.

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