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Chiropractic Care for Migraines and Headaches in Campbell, CA

The cause of headaches and migraines often goes undiagnosed. Patients are given some vague cause like stress and told to take pain meds. Prescription and over the counter medication rarely provide a long term “cure”. At Chiropractic Wellness center we do a thorough, carful history, a neurologic exam, nerve scan and digital x-rays to diagnosis the root cause. If the cause is determined to be a cervical nerve irritation, we can provide effective drug-free care with outstanding results.


Robert Martines talking to patient

What Causes Migraines?

Migraines can be brought about by a multitude of reasons. There are certain factors that could potentially lead to migraines:

  • Bright lights, loud noises, temperature changes, and even certain smells may induce migraines in some people.
  • Prolonged stress, tension, and change in sleeping patterns can also be a cause.
  • It might also be caused due to muscle tension in the patient’s neck.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Suitable for Treating Migraines?

Chiropractors have an advanced understanding of the body’s nervous system and the way that a breakdown in communication between the organs in one’s body can affect the patient’s health. Chiropractic care involves moving, stretching and manipulating the spine without the use of drugs and surgery. The chiropractors take it upon themselves to make people aware of the condition of their body so that they can also work on improving their own health as well. Traditional medicines are shown to help the patient just as well as chiropractic help can, but they are unable to sustain the same level of benefits that chiropractic care offers patients over a period of time. A chiropractor is trained to help their patients in many ways that go beyond mere back pain by advising patients on lifestyle issues such as exercise, nutrition and how to manage stress. They provide an all-round treatment process to their patients.

If you have migraines and severe headaches, it is critical to consider chiropractic care. With an expert chiropractor, you will no longer be troubled by those pesky recurring headaches.

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